Snoring Relief Products

With extensive research, we offer the best products available around the world to bring relief to your snoring. All of these products are simple, easy to use and bring immediate relief for your snoring. Note, these products are for snoring relief and not treatment. Please consider ApneaRx or Myerson EMA for permenant and recommended treatment of your snoring.

All products are imported directly from the manufacturers.

ZQuiet Oral Appliance for Snoring

ZQuiet® 2-Step Comfort System™

(181 customer reviews)
ZQuiet is designed for both maximum comfort and effectiveness. Two optimal sizes (jaw positions) offer superior results. Softer material provides optimal comfort. Revolutionary technology enables the mouth to move freely and is ideal for daily use. (more info)

Rs. 3,999 Rs. 2,499

Snore Clip for snoring relief

Snore Clip

(221 customer reviews)
Fits gently into nostrils, holding them wider apart and making breathing easier and quieter. Treat yourself and your bed partner to a silent night. Made from soft silicon, allows you to sleep and not even know you're wearing the snore clip. (more info)

Rs. 1,399

Chin strap for snoring relief

Snore Belt Chin Strap

(69 customer reviews)
Help stop mouth leaks with this premuim chin strap. Fully adjustable. Light weight. Latex free. (more info)

Rs. 1,499

Nozovent Anti Snore for snoring relief

Nozovent Anti Snore

(95 customer reviews)
Nozovent is designed to increase the airflow through the nose by dilating the nostrils, which enhances easy breathing and dramatically reduces or eliminates snoring. Nozovent is manufactured from nontoxic, pharmaceutical grade plastic approved by the American Food and Drug Administration. (more info)

Rs. 1,999

RenHe Snore Stopper Watch

RenHe Snore Stopper Watch

(36 customer reviews)
Snore stopper is a revolution design to help treat snoring using the body's natural bio feedback mechanism. When snoring is detected, snore stopper's bioelectronics chip is activated. The conduction rapidly transmits the needle pulse signal to the nerve center, prompting the body to immediately produce reflective shrink adjustment, and therefore eliminating snoring. (more info)

Rs. 2,499