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If you are a sleep lab

We can provide you with the following:

 Home sleep studies with complete scoring and reporting at a low cost. 
 Our range of treatment options for the information and benefit of your patients.

If you are a Specialist

If you are a pioneer and an expert in sleep apnea diagnosis, we can provide our range of treatment solutions from oral appliances to CPAP for the benefit of your patients. Contact us for 

 Sleep Studies – Home sleep studies customized for your practice.
 Oral appliances – ApneaRx Sleep Apnea Appliance and Myerson EMA®
 CPAP, AutoPAP, BiPAP – Resmed.

If you are a Dentist

Dental sleep medicine is bound to grow as awareness about sleep apnea grows in the country. We are looking for channel partners across the country. We can provide the following:

 Training about dental sleep medicine so you can screen your patients
 Training about making oral appliances for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea
 Training about conducting sleep studies for your patients. 

Download our brochure on Dental Sleep Medicine Brochure

If you are a Hospital

We are tied up with several hospitals as turnkey providers for their sleep disorder diagnosis. We provide everything from diagnosis to treatment all combined in a way to fit within your organizational needs. We can provide: 

 Sleep studies for your patients admitted to the hospital with complete scoring and reporting. 
 Our range of treatments can be integrated into your institution to offer our oral appliances in house for your patients. 
 CPAP, BiPAP machines for temporary use for your patients during their hospital stay

If you are a Company/Corporation

Sleep is an important component of your employees for maximum efficiency and productivity. We can provide a range of services for the benefit of your employees so as to maximize their work potential and lower your health care costs. We can provide:

 Diagnostic tests for your employees.
 Affordable, convenient treatment choices for your employees should they be diagnosed with any sleep-related disorders. 

Please visit our resources page to learn more about sleep apnea.

 Oral appliances for treatment of sleep apnea 
 ApneaRx oral appliance for treatment of snoring and sleep apnea 
 EMA for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea 

Sleep Apnea Treatment Brochure
Dental Sleep Medicine Brochure

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