Snoring can be treated by the use of ZQuiet®, ApneaRx®  or EMA® oral appliance. However, snoring may indicate sleep apnea, which needs to be diagnosed to ensure treatment of sleep apnea along with the snoring. We recommend the protocol below as a general guideline but could adapt the procedure to suit your individual case.

Our treatment protocol aims to introduce you to oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea. This will give you the benefit of using simpler and cost effective treatment for sleep apnea. It you are not compliant with oral appliance, or if you don’t like it for ANY reason, you have the option to upgrade to any CPAP machine of your choice. 

You will receive a Rs. 5,000 credit towards the CPAP machine for trying the oral appliance.

The end result is you can try the lower cost, and highly convenient oral appliance for the treatment of your sleep apnea and if you are not compliant with oral appliances, then go for the CPAP with a credit for the oral appliance. You do not pay anymore than what you would pay for the CPAP device originally.

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